Small Square Bag Instructions and Pattern – Download



Please log into your account to order to save the downloads. You will need an A4 printer for the patterns, no need to print instructions if you read from your screen.

Although this pattern was designed to be made with the bamboo handle, it can easily be adapted to have a chain strap if you use D rings [3/4″ are ideal] or you could make a fabric strap instead. You’ll need an extra 20″ x 3″ of fabric for a fabric handle, fold the long sides to the centre then in half again and press, turn the raewedges inwards and sew to the top of the bag instrad of the tabs.

Links for chain straps are below.

Retro Acrylic Tortoise Shell Gold Bag Chain – Black/Grey

Retro Acrylic Tortoise Shell Gold Bag Chain – Pale Pink/Peach

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