Box Bag Sewing Tutorial by Debbie Shore

Sew a handy box bag to store toys or even cosmetics in, depending on your fabric choice.


· Two 15” x 12” pieces outer fabric

· Two 15” x 12” pieces of lining fabric pink cotton poplin

· Two pieces 15” x 12” fusible fleece H640

· 12” zip (shop zips)

· 10” ribbon 

Finished size:

 8” x 6” x 5 ½”

Use a ¼” seam allowance


1. Cut two outer and two lining fabrics each measuring 15” x 12”. Cut a 3” square from each corner of all fabrics. Fuse fleece to the wrong sides of the outer pieces.

2. Sew the zip facing down to the top of the outer two pieces of fabric, then in turn to the lining, sandwiching the zip in between the two pieces of fabric.

3. Snip off the ends of the zip. Cut two lengths of ribbon measuring 3”, fold in half and sew to each end of the zip, facing inwards.

4. Fold the outer and lining pieces over with right sides together, Sew along all sides apart from the cut-out corners, leave a turning gap in the bottom of the lining of about 3”.

5. Pinch the outer corner pieces so that the side seams sit over the base, sew to make the box shape.

6. Repeat with the inner corners, the lining and outer fabric pieces will meet with the zip centred in the middle. Sew straight across through all layers.

7. Turn the right side out, sew the opening closed.

8. Push the lining inside the bag. Thread the remaining ribbon through the zip pull and you’re finished!

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