June Tailor Magic Seam Wand


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The June Tailor Magic Seam Wand is a  quintessential companion for quilters, crafters, and textile artists who strive for perfection in every stitch. This beautifully crafted hardwood tool is your secret to achieving impeccably flat seams every time, ensuring your creations lay smooth and look professionally finished.

Crafted from durable solid hardwood, the Magic Seam Wand is designed to withstand the heat and pressure necessary for pressing seams without the risk of scorching your precious fabrics. Its unique design features a bevelled edge, tailored to glide effortlessly across fabric, flattening seams as if by magic. When precision is paramount, especially in detailed quilt-as-you-go projects where an iron could cause unwanted distortion, this wand works wonders.

Not only does the Magic Seam Wand protect your fingertips from the heat, but its ergonomic design also ensures comfort and ease during use, making it a great alternative to finger pressing. Whether you are working on delicate piecing or robust quilting projects, the Magic Seam Wand is an indispensable tool that promises to deliver crisp seams without a hint of bulk.

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