Sewing Room Secrets Book – Essential Skills for Dressmakers By Debbie Shore


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Sewing Room Secrets – Dressmaking By Debbie Shore Step into Debbie Shore’s sewing room and discover her easy-to-follow, essential techniques for dressmakers. Packed with key skills and friendly know-how, this informative guide is ideal for anyone taking their first steps into dressmaking. Learn how to read a shop-bought pattern; how to choose, mark and cut fabric; how to add zips, pockets and buttons; how to adapt misshapen or over-sized garments, and how to do some basic mending – all shown step by step. The book contains ten inventive projects for you to try using pre-loved clothes, and will equip you with the knowledge you need to make your own clothes from scratch using the pattern of your choice. Shipping date to be confirmed (Leave a message with your order if you’d like your book signed by Debbie with who you’d like it signing to)

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