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These new fabric scissors from Sewline were designed using the Japanese SEKI technology thats also been used for Japanese swords and knives. The stainless-steel blades stay sharp and offer a clean cut all the way to the tip. With an ambidextrous soft grip handle, they provide excellent cutting control. There are two sizes: 210mm (8inch) large pair and 135mm (inch) smaller pair.

From the 13th century, swords made in Seki, Japan gained the reputation of being the finest blades. This 800 year old tradition of producing high-quality tempered steel is inherent in the scissors made in Seki which carry the Sewline brand are now being sold across the world.

The function of the blades and the ergonomic handle design allows the Sewline scissors to be used in either hand. The Sewline scissors cut both ways.

Instead of the traditional metal or hard tortoiseshell type handles, the Sewline scissor handles are made of a composite material which, while rigid, feel soft and comfortable in either hand. There is a shaped support for the first finger which also adds to the comfort and control .

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