How to Sew a Half Apron

Materials needed-

1 Winter Spice panel
30″ x 21″ lining fabric (I’ve used cream)
44″ x 24″” contrast fabric (brown)

1. Measure 4″ from each top side, make two 1″ pleats in the top of the panel.

2. Cut three lengths of lining fabric each measuring 4″ long. Sew together to make one long strip, then make 1″ fork pleats along the whole length.

3. Trim the bottom two corners of your fabric panel into curves. Use this panel as a template to cut the lining fabric to the same shape.

4. Sew the pleated trim raw edges together around the bottom three sides of the apron. Trim the ends if necessary.

5. Sew the panel and lining fabric pieces right sides together, leaving the top open. Turn the right side out and press. Sew across the open top of the apron.

6. Cut two 6″ strips of contrast fabric. Join together. I don’t like to see a centre seam, so I cut one of the lengths to the width of the apron, cut the second strip in half and sew to each end of the first piece. The seams will now sit at each side of the apron. Press in half lengthways.

7. Crease the centre of the tie and the centre of the apron front. Match these points and pin, then sew one side of the tie to the top of the apron. Start and stop sewing at each end of the frill. Fold the remaining length of ties right sides together and sew all all the way round each side, take your stitches up to the frill.

8. Turn the ties the right side out. Fold the open length if tie over by 1/4″ and press. You’ll then fold this over the top of the apron and hand-sew in place.

9. One final press and you’re finished!

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